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Saturday, June 25, 2005

This is not a logo you want to see at the top of a letter on a Saturday morning...

You're nicked, sunshine!

Especially when it's followed by these words...

You're goin' daaaaaan...

But fortunately they haven't discovered my illegal taping of pop songs off the radio, it's actually...

It wasn't me, guv!

So after 14 years of driving and not a single penalty point on my licence, I can now either accept three of the little blighters and a £60 fine, or go to court and plead mitigating circumstances.

As it happens, there were mitigating circumstances. And not just because Lisa was distracting me at the time by talking about Cambridgeshire Christians. I've driven that stretch of the A14 dozens of times, I know full well that there's a 50mph limit on that stretch, and I always slow down. But they were doing roadworks on the bit of road leading up to that section, and I was busy staring at a million cones and 'free recovery starts here' signs, meaning that the '50mph limit ahead' sign went unnoticed.

Frankly they should be grateful I wasn't doing eighty miles per hour. And thanking me for being the only person at the Ben Folds gig not to have had a drink. So I'm not happy.

And talking of not being happy, I've e-mailed Blogger to complain about the fact that since their triumphant launch of 'Blogger Images' yesterday, the font on my blog has been permanently buggered up, and asking what they're going to do about it.

They've responded with:

"Thanks for contacting Blogger Support. Since we cannot always respond personally to every message we get, we encourage you to check Blogger Help, where you can find answers to many common questions."

Marvellous. I do love an automated e-mail which in no way answers your question.