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Monday, June 27, 2005

I spent a lot of time yesterday doing endlessly dull research over at Wordtracker, to try and identify the keywords I should be using to attract people to my various websites. As it turns out, it was a waste of time. I already have the keywords I need...

On Friday night, Kinga, Orlaith and Eugene entered the Big Brother house. I give them a brief mention over at the other place on Saturday morning, and what happens..?

I get eleven hits for 'Orlaith naked', plus the following quality search engine hits, all in the space of 24 hours...

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... as well as one deeply disturbed individual who searched for 'Lisa I'Anson tits'. But I'm ignoring him.

The irony is that I was only saying to Lisa last night that Orlaith does nothing for me and I want her evicted. I've changed my mind. Eugene's got to go, for the simple reason that no one wants to see him naked.

Although on the plus side, he does look like Donna's son...