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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You've got to hand it to that Orlaith on Big Brother. The girl's a star. Obviously she's as dull as ditchwater to actually watch, but she's done this to my Telly Critic stats:

I thought I'd done well to more than double my average hits, with a total of 127 unique visitors on Monday, most of them looking for Orlaith in some state of undress, but that was before the girl stepped into the shower naked on Monday night's show. I happened to have used the word 'shower' a couple of posts previously, which was a stroke of luck - I hit 185 unique visitors yesterday, 90% of them Orlaith shower related.

Although my personal favourite came at 11:35pm, after Tuesday night's show, and was a hit for 'big brother maxwell saskia had sex day 28 bottom'. I think he covered all the bases there. I particularly like the way he added the word 'bottom' as a bit of an afterthought.

Anyway, (he said, making full use of Blogger Images, which he'd previously slagged off, by getting the text to flow neatly around the little picture on the right), if you think that the kind of people who do searches for such lowbrow subjects are sad, inadequate individuals with no brainpower, you would of course be wrong. As you'll discover if you click on said image.

Oh yes, my visitors are public school educated.

In other news, I've had an e-mail from the BBC, officially announcing the winners of the Last Laugh competition. It says, and I quote, "If you didn't make it onto the short list, don't loose heart".

Marvellous. I do love these people who e-mail me to tell me my writing's not good enough, whilst simultaneously littering their own efforts with spelling mistakes. I think I'll ask the BBC for a job writing their rejection letters.