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Saturday, June 11, 2005

The last two times I've driven down to Brighton, I've found myself stuck in accident-related traffic jams on the A12. Yesterday should have been third time lucky. Sadly it wasn't. But on the plus side, after 35 minutes of queuing I did get to see a white van lying on its side across two lanes of carriageway, and a car in the grass verge at the side. Although the ambulance trying to drive past through three solid lanes of stationary traffic caused a few problems.

Arriving in Brighton (one hour late), Lisa greeted me dressed in a bin-liner, while her sister stood nearby in a pair of green plastic gloves. I think they were conducting some kind of experiment, but I didn't ask too many questions. I headed off to play Snakes & Ladders with Lisa's nephew instead. I lost, but I'm sure there was a lot of cheating going on, so I'm declaring the result null and void.

Relatives gone, Lisa and I stayed up late talking about food (we're both on diets), and I got to sleep in the early hours. Only to be woken up early by the neighbours, who seem to have found the only builders in the south of England who are willing to start work at the crack of dawn on a Saturday. I'm not happy. I might go back to bed. Lisa can get the train up to Shotley Gate.