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Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Sis in a Small World
After a morning of sunbathing for P1 and sleeping in a dark room for me (that shows how ill I was), we had a quick photo shoot on La Terrasse...

...before setting off on our mammoth journey for the wedding.

What I find incredible is that in our four journeys to Payrac, we found four different routes. The wedding was lovely - a civil ceremony, followed by a blessing in the church - after which we headed off to a villa for the reception. The villa is the retirement home of the mother of the bride and definitely beats St Leonards-on-sea...

They've got two satellite dishes, which is one more than my parents.

A few hours of socialising, with P1 and I continually saying what a small world it is after meeting people we vaguely knew (or who knew people we knew), complete with eating, toasting, napping in the car (that was me about midnight) and much dancing, and it all added up to a most fabulous day.

I felt a little bit of a fraud when asked whether I was on the bride or groom's side, but having met the bride twice and the groom only once, I figured I should say 'bride'. Fortunately no one asked me her name.

For me, however, the highlight of the day was the drive home. Despite having prepared myself for a lack of dangerous animals on this trip, I've felt a little lost and lonely without any encounters with wild bears, crocodiles, great white sharks, killer whales or kangaroos. But about 10 miles from Payrac, as we were driving along one of our farm tracks, I had to do an emergency stop for... wait for it... not just one, but FOUR wild boars crossing the road...

Sorry, that's a photo fom the wedding. I didn't get a shot of the boars.

It might not have been as impressive as the bear in Alaska incident, but it was an achievement for me. It's the first time I haven't run something over.