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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Big Sis in a Small World
Day 1 in Paris, and keen to do something we could never do in Britain, we set off for the Virgin Megastore for P1 to buy a replacement camera. Twenty minutes later and with no store in sight, I decided to practice my Francais, and approached a friendly looking woman to ask her where Virgin was. Her response was one of shock and fright. So I quickly added the word 'Megastore'. She replied "Oh, oh, oh... I thought you were some mad woman". Paul later pointed out that my pigeon French translated as "Are you a Virgin?", which may not be the best way to make friends in France. Unless you're visiting Lourdes.

Undeterred, we continued to the Virgin Megastore, and having purchased a camera, we headed straight for the metro. At which point I realised I'd left our collection of metro tickets at the hotel. But finally, finally, finally we got to our first destination: NOTRE DAME. The outstanding beauty can be seen below...

... and Notre Dame looks quite good too.

With no charge in his newfound camera, P1 stole mine to take some very arty pictures...

Get thee to a nunnery.There is nothing like a Dame.
He's responsible for nun of the above. I think the rows of beer cans were left by the tourists.

Speeding on, we marched along the river to Le Louvre, saw the queue for the museum, and mentally postponed that visit until the next day. Then it was time for some quick shopping in the Champs-Élysées and a visit to the Arc de Triomphe...

When you've seen one roundabout, you've seen them all.
At that point, P1 decided to sunbathe in the middle of a busy roundabout (you can see why we we get on so well) whilst I climbed up the spiral staircase to the top...

Triomphant View
The evening was spent on more Eiffel Towerness, combined with a rendezvous (that's a French word) with P1's Australian friend, N. We went to a very French restaurant where the waitress got slightly hysterical about the only vegetarian item on the menu. I've never seen anyone so excited about a mushroom omelette.

Continuing the photo shoot of the tower, P1 was most upset that his new camera appeared to be broken, as all the pictures he took had a red or green tinge. Many photos and swear words later (from P1), I looked behind us to see that we'd cunningly positioned ourselves to be backlit by a traffic light.


Dave said...

'Nun of the above' sounds like something young Phil would have written.

Phil said...

That's an outrageous slur on the wit of my sister. How dare you suggest that she didn't write every single word  of that blog post herself. I demand that you take that back immediately.

Note to self: explain the Lourdes joke to Sis before she reads it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I miss Paris.  And you can see my flat in your photo.  Not back lit red/green it has to be said.

Love the instructions written down in French.  A classic moment.

92202 aka BS6