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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just look at the admiration in those eyes. The lovey-dovey smile. The worshipful gaze that says "You're my hero"...

I think Andrew really likes me. As for Amelie, she's just checking out his earwax.

Anyhoo, with the carpets scorched, the fridge full of sausages, and the neighbours still accusing us of drilling in the middle of the night, what better time to invite a couple of friends round for the evening. So with great excitement, we welcomed our good pals Stefan and Andrew into the new flat yesterday for a gourmet three course meal (that's if you count Doritos as a course).

Here they are relaxing on our new sofas, unaware that beneath the cosy cream-coloured covers, they're held together with wood glue and sellotape...

If you think they look happy there, it's because I hadn't yet given them the Singing Bird. Stefan definitely stopped smiling at that point.

I wasn't the only one generous enough to come bearing gifts though. Stefan and Andrew gave us flowers, cake, a gingerbread bear for Amelie, and the book on the right. It's by the woman who brought us Snuggle Puppy. Although it was paid for by Andrew's sister. You can visit this link to download 'Your Personal Penguin', as sung by Davy Jones of The Monkees (I thought he was dead), but sadly Amelie listened to the first few bars and told us she "Don't like it". Let's face it though, she wasn't keen on Snuggle Puppy at first listen. I expect it'll be another grower. Especially once Lisa starts singing it.

All in all, it was a most enjoyable evening. Stefan and Andrew told us how to test a cat's hearing using nothing but a guitar tuner and a fire alarm, and in return, we showed them the hate-mail from our neighbours, and revealed our plans for the rest of the month. Which include surprisingly little drilling. Amelie gave them both a nosey-posey before retiring to bed, and they even congratulated me on my cooking. The skillful way I stuck a fork into the film lid of that ready meal obviously paid off. I might apply for 'Come Dine With Me'.


Dave said...

I don't understand any of these references to polular culture.

nora , Andrew's sister said...

"Don't like it"  ....sounds like Little much does she watch?