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Friday, September 17, 2010

After a particularly arduous and gruelling day at work today (no really, ask anyone) I returned home this afternoon to find Lisa heading straight out of the front door for a night on the town. I tried to go with her, but apparently someone has to look after Amelie.

So instead of following Lisa into the lift, I followed the smell of burning to the bedroom, where I found her hair straighteners scorching a hole in the new carpet. To be honest, it didn't really bother me. I was more annoyed when it happened three weeks ago.

On the downside, the fact that I was putting out a fire in the bedroom meant that I missed the wrestling match taking place in the kitchen...

I think it was a points victory for Chloe. Although Amelie's demanding a rematch.

Anyhoo, after soothing my daughter's wounds with sausage casserole, the two of us settled down for an evening of intellectual stimulation. Which, in this house, can mean only one thing:


There's no way those birds are flightless.


Lisa said...

<span><span>Amelie must have turned them back on. I remember turning them off after scorching the duvet. </span></span>

Dave said...

You had a more exciting evening than I did.