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Monday, September 06, 2010

Well I may not be advancing through France in a beret and a beach dress, but I have had a busy few days. I've put up a lot of coat hooks for a start. Lisa's the only person I know who owns five dressing gowns (one for every day of the week - at weekends she goes naked), and after a month in the new flat, the hook I'd installed on the back of the bedroom door was at breaking point. Possibly because it's a cup hook, not a coat hook. I should have hung her bras on it.

So with Amelie acting as my builder's mate, the two of us went to B&Q on Saturday for a new hook. We came back with a coat hook, a coat rack, six door handles and a small knob. It was cold out there. I then spent the rest of Saturday attaching our purchases to various objects around the flat.

Which is when Amelie's limitations as a DIYer became apparent. She can climb up a stepladder with no problem at all, but hand her a power tool and she runs a mile. The moment I started drilling into her bedroom door, she shouted "Ammy a bit scary" and ran off into the kitchen.

She's learnt the word 'scary' so that she can describe vacuum cleaners, food processors and her Grandad. Unfortunately she doesn't know the past tense. Or the second syllable of her name. So what she actually meant was "Amelie's a bit scared". Although to Chloe, she got it spot on the first time.

Anyhoo, the upshot of it all is that we now have more hooks than a pirate ship, and we can actually open our wardrobe without the handles falling off. Which is a blessed relief. Judging by the way Lisa's been losing her rag every time she tries to access her clothes, I think that's where we get the phrase 'fly off the handle'.


Phil's Mum said...

Now we know what has kept you quiet for the last few days - trying to get in and out of the wardrobe.  Was it snowing in there? 

Dave said...

I've been doing a bit of DIY too.  I could do with an assistant.  Is Am any good at mixing mnortar?

Phil's Dad said...

Am has been watching videos of Bob the Builder so it's a possibility.  But you might get a big fish, a little fish and a cardboard box!