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Monday, September 27, 2010

If you've ever wondered what The Corrs will look like in thirty years time, here's your answer...

Corrs Celebre
Obviously Andrea's had a lot of work done, and she's not getting any taller, but the others are growing old gracefully.

Unfortunately, the trouble with these family groups is that they don't like outsiders. The moment two new members try to join, the lead singer bursts into tears...

I think it's because I'm stealing the limelight. Quite literally. If I was any brighter I could join MENSA.

Anyhoo, the senior sibling on the right isn't, in fact, a sister on the fiddle, she's actually my Aunt. Although it amounts to the same thing. She lives in St Ives, which is a lot further from Cornwall than you might imagine, but is currently on tour across the south coast, taking in cousins, grandchildren and, of course, my parents. Who are the Wembley Arena of relatives.

We last saw my Aunt back in March 2009, during her Roy Orbison period, when we all looked a lot younger, thinner and less tired. That was before Amelie learnt to walk, talk or run amok on a bus. Life was easier back then.

So eighteen months on, Lisa, Amelie and I decided to head over to St Leonards yesterday for a little reunion. Admittedly, after Thursday and Friday, the last thing I wanted was another two hours in a car, but we'd been promised a roast dinner, so it seemed like a trip worth making.

And so it proved. We spent a very enjoyable few hours eating, chatting, playing, running and singing 'Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes'. And when Amelie woke up from her nap, we let her join in too.

Having left crumbs on the carpet and no food in the kitchen, we eventually said our goodbyes at 7:30pm and left my parents' house in the pouring rain, with Amelie singing all the way home. She did well to keep going. It's not easy doing the actions in a seatbelt.


Phil's Mum said...

Perhaps she should learn to sing 'Incy Wincy Spider'.

Paula Grice said...

Grandma (or Roy Orbison) is now safe and well with her favourite grandchild (thats me) in sunny Southampton. She wanted me to log on and see her picture (vanity) and read the blog - which I must say is much funnier than expected!

Its nice to see the 'Gardner' side of the family and here in the photo are Grandma's great grandchildren and bed companions for the evening!

Dave said...

'Much funnier than expected'?  That's a subtle put-down.

Phil said...

I bet Dizzee's a rascal.

Phil said...

What she meant to say was that I exceed even the highest of expectations.

Don't argue, or she'll set the dogs on you.