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Sunday, June 26, 2011

If there's one thing I can be proud of with this blog, it's my uncanny ability to take the piss out of people years before the rest of the world joins in. In 2008, when Sarah Palin first put down her rifle, slapped on her lipstick, and emerged from the obscurity of the Alaskan wilderness to become John McCain's running (out of ideas) mate, it transpired that I'd been bigging her up on this blog a full sixteen months earlier.

Now, in 2011, with Greece about to go bust, and the Arab Spring likely to result in world war by Christmas, Europe is uniting in its vilification of the most heinous villain of the 21st century: an Ipswich seed company. Apparently the French are accusing Thompson & Morgan of killing more people in Europe than Mladić in his heyday. I'm paraphrasing them there, but the sentiment's accurate, I'm sure.

All over France, people are queuing up, not only for the toilet and the sick bucket, but also for a chance to ridicule Thompson and Morgan for their alleged spreading of E. coli. Parisians may not be very fond of their children, but they know how to slag off a Suffolk seed company.

Well frankly they've missed the boat by seven years. As a former resident of Ipswich, I was taking the piss out of Thompson & Morgan back in 2004. Well, I say "I was". To be honest, it was mainly Lisa. The woman's a visionary and ahead of her time. Which is ironic as she's usually late for everything.


Dave said...

It's amazing you haven't won the lottery yet.

A Passer-by said...

Perhaps he has - but is keeping quiet about it so as not to get begging letters from East Anglia!!

jon the bassist said...

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