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Friday, June 03, 2011

Today's the day. After months of suffering in silence, I'll be off shortly to get my foot pumped full of steroids. Obviously when I say 'suffering in silence', I'm referring mainly to Lisa, who's had to put up with me moaning about it every five minutes since Christmas. Something she's done with patience, understanding, and regular jokes about me being a decrepit old man who can't walk.

After the injection at 6pm this evening, I've been told to spend 48 hours kicking my heels and putting my feet up, which I plan to do on the sofa with Lisa waiting on me hand and foot. Particularly foot. Unless of course I'm the one in 23,000 who ends up with a ligament rupture and bone infection. In which case she'll be waiting on the foot of my hospital bed, and praying for my sole.

We've recruited an army of experienced toddler wranglers to keep Amelie off my back for two days, and I've prepared for my period of convalescence by popping into Sainsbury's at lunchtime today and buying the DVD of 'Inception' for five quid. I've heard it takes about six viewings before you understand it, so that should keep me going until Sunday. I might need a lot of help this weekend, but by Monday I should be standing on my own two feet.


Dave said...

Huzzah!  I hope you don't get run out again at tomorrow's match.  You'll claim your foot as an excuse.

Phil's Mum said...

Surely you've got the substitute to play tomorrow, Dave.

jon the bassist said...

I had the whole 'planter' thing a while ago. After a huge amount of prescribed medicine, then a number of invasive operations, blessings and heeling I decided to walk on my hands!
Good luck 

Phil said...

I've got arthritis in my fingers. It doesn't bode well.