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Monday, June 06, 2011

My extensive foot notes might not have attracted much sympathy on this blog, but if there's one person I can rely on for a bit of comfort, support and encouragement, it's my two-year-old daughter. I went to get Amelie out of her cot this morning, and as I walked into her bedroom, she jumped up, took one look at me, and said:

"Your foot is better now?"

Naturally I lied through my teeth and told her that yes, it feels a bit better. To which she nodded enthusiastically and replied:

"It might turn into a big smile!"

Well, I've certainly had to grin and bear it. To be honest it's been no better at all today. I'm not sure the sofa's so good for the sole.


Phil's Mum said...

'Think positive' is your daughter's motto.  So follow her advice and remember you were told it usually takes at least a week to feel any improvement.  Looking forward to a big smile on the bottom of your foot!

jon the bassist said...

Many people say that my feet smile horrible

Dave said...

I had a very vivid (and painful) dream about my foot being operated on last night.  I blame you.

Phil said...

I'm living the dream.

'old' friend said...

Poor Phil!