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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

She looks so much happier when she's not at home...

Killer Patio
I haven't seen anyone make such good use of a patio since Fred West was in his prime.

That's Amelie enjoying the weather in my parents' garden. Obviously it was taken yesterday. In today's photo, you can barely see her head above the floodwater as the lightning sets fire to the chair.

But as it happens, Amelie wasn't the only one being entertained in St Leonards yesterday. When we visited on Sunday, we took my Dad a high quality Father's Day gift as a token of our appreciation for all he's done for us over the past year. Namely, dress as Neil Sedaka, accompany Amelie on the swanee whistle, and treat us to a meal in God's waiting room. So we bought him a 'Particle Puzzle'. It seemed like the least we could do. Quite literally.

The blurb on the back on the box says this:

Particle Puzzle
For those without access to a magnifying glass, it's basically a wooden brainteaser which you have to take apart and then put back together again. As the blurb above states, "Once you have separated all the pieces, we challenge you not to stop until you have completed this mind-boggling conundrum". It then goes on to claim that "Once the puzzle's completed, the feeling of disbelief will be even more overwhelming than your feeling of pride". So it's like an Ikea flat pack, only more useful.

We gave it to my Dad at 4pm on Sunday, and at 7pm he sent me this photo:

Apart-icle Puzzle
That was quite impressive, but not as impressive as his slavish dedication to the challenge on the side of the box. He clearly didn't stop until he'd completed it, because this photo arrived eight hours later at 3:27am...

Particle Puzzled
They're not wrong about that overwhelming feeling of disbelief. I'm still convinced he must have cheated.


Phil's Dad said...

Not exactly a vote of confidence from a loving Son to his loving Father!!

I thought you might have said that it shows brains run in the Gardner family - from Father to Son to Grand-daughter!

(and by the way, I didn't cheat!!)

Phil's Mum said...

I can't confirm that, as I was fast asleep.

Lisa said...

Are you sure Amelie didn't help?