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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I'm seriously considering making another complaint to the ASA, this time about that new Marks & Spencers advert. It's just too darn tempting. Every time I hear the words "This is not just a chicken..." I find myself heading to the fridge for a Turkey Twizzler and a chocolate mini roll. They should show more consideration for the weak willed and easily led.

Talking of food, Lisa branched out into Hell's Kitchen territory on Sunday by cooking me a Gary Rhodes original - Italian Beef Casserole. It looked more like spaghetti bolognese to me, and on the sole previous time she'd cooked it, apparently everyone refused to eat it and opted for fish fingers instead. But I didn't let that put me off (mainly because I've tried Lisa's fish fingers). It was actually very nice, and well worth the twenty minutes I spent driving around the Asda car park trying to find a space so we could buy the ingredients.

Yesterday we headed over to Portslade for a pre-cat-sitting pep talk from Lorraine. We officially take charge of her felines on Friday for two weeks while she suns herself in Antigua, so it was important she prepared us for the experience by talking about the smell from the litter tray, and Timmy's habit of stealing bacon from next door's breakfast table. We promised to do our best to keep her cats alive, wished her bon voyage, and then left without taking the house key.

A sharp u-turn later and we headed home where we spent an enjoyable evening removing Italian Beef Casserole from the kitchen sink with a plunger.

Anyhoo, I probably shouldn't mention this again for fear of tempting fate, but for those interested, King Nick's show-stealing appearance on Richard & Judy, which was cruelly cancelled last week, has apparently been rescheduled for today. Personally I won't be here - I'll be in town buying a carpet sweeper for Lisa's mother. She hasn't asked for one, it's just my way of hinting that her place needs cleaning.*

So I'm relying on Lisa's Videoplus skills. Which I'm sure will be fine. And won't result in ten minutes of Ready Steady Cook and a bit of Paul O'Grady.

*just kidding. Her life revolves around carpet sweepers.