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Monday, May 16, 2005

Yesterday Lisa and I made a pilgrimage back to her flat for the afternoon, to put together her new bed which arrived on Wednesday. As we were about to leave, however, Lorraine's parents turned up with some pot plants, which they used as a thinly veiled excuse to gain entry and slag off Timmy for twenty minutes. Lorraine's mother, who doesn't suffer fools gladly, seems to have decided that Timmy needs to be beaten around the head on a regular basis, and was happy to demonstrate the technique for us when the Timster jumped onto the kitchen table within striking distance of Mrs B.

We left with Lorraine's Mum vowing to contact the cat rescue people, and busy trying to form a weapon out of a rolled up newspaper. Needless to say, we weren't expecting Timmy to still be there when we got back.

Over at Lisa's flat, we successfully put together the new bed in about two hours. Lisa felt she could best contribute to the job by banging in a few dowels and then lying down in the other room for an hour and a half, but I knew she was with me in spirit. And I did get a cup of tea half way through.

A bit of electric screwdriving later, and we had a new bed. And here it is...

DIY King

As you can see, Lisa's bedroom is light, spacious and surprisingly tidy, with a south facing sea view which makes it just the kind of property likely to be featured on quality shows such as Location, Location, Location (which is my personal favourite on account of its good looking host).

Well ok, that's not actually Lisa's bedroom, it's a shot from the Argos catalogue. But they're remarkably similar. Really.