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Friday, May 20, 2005


But sadly it's not about the Last Laugh competition. Dammit.

It actually says this...

"Hi there,

I noticed on your website lots of pictures of Davey Spillane and I wondered if you might be able to help me with a contact number/ email address for him as I'm working on a 3-part documentary series on The History of British & Irish Folk for the BBC and would like to have a chat with him about a possible interview.

Many thanks


Arianna Maniscalco

Lots of pictures??? She's talking about my Senators site, and I believe there are three. But I suppose that's lots compared to most other websites. I think I'll offer to help her out in return for putting in a good word for me at the comedy department.

Talking of the Last Laugh competition, my hopes have now been dashed by someone who's posted their ending to Annie's People on the Writers Dock forums. It single-handedly ruined my day yesterday by being annoyingly good. Possibly better than my own entry. Dammit. It shouldn't be allowed.

In fact yesterday was a traumatic day all round. After work (hers, not mine) I accompanied Lisa to her regular blood donation session, with a view to possibly signing up myself, in an effort to help my fellow man, possibly save someone's life, but above all get some free tea and biscuits.

Let's just say it didn't go well. I couldn't help feeling that the church hall looked like a field hospital for the injured and dying. I kept trying to focus on the chocolate hob-nobs, but I just couldn't rid my mind of all the pointy needles and buckets of blood being drained from the pasty looking people around me. I felt faint within minutes.

I asked if I could pop down the road to Oxfam and meet Lisa outside later, but she wasn't keen, so I had to see the thing through to the bitter end. It wasn't pleasant. Lisa may have been the one who lost a pint of blood (which, I informed the nurse, is nearly an armful - I don't think she'd heard that one before), but by the end of it, I needed those oaty biscuits more than she did.