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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

In a touching coincidence, which proves just how similar we are, Lisa and I awoke this morning to discover we'd both dreamt about famous people. In my dream, I was conducting a serious investigation into the death of Abraham Lincoln, interviewing historians, talking to firearms experts, examining the building where he died, and seeking out witnesses. While Lisa dreamt she was living with Chesney Hawkes.

In the words of Belinda Carlisle, "we dream the same dream, we want the same thing". Although why anyone would want to live with Chesney Hawkes, I've no idea.

Anyhoo, having made it through Monday successfully using his litter tray, Timmy, the naughtiest cat in the world (there's a children's book in this), decided to relieve himself on the kitchen floor last night. And then add insult to injury by leaving via the cat flap. So I got up this morning to find the litter tray unused, a pile of poo eight feet away, and a cat who'd managed to let himself out. It's not going well.

But on the bright side, I've been to some charity shops. I witnessed a stand up fight between the manager of Oxfam and one of her staff members; a woman who asked if she could change into her purchase there and then because she was on her way to a job interview and had accidentally come out in a psychedelic rainbow skirt; a man who picked up the CD I was about to buy when I'd only put it down so I could pick up a shirt, and then went and bought it himself; and a woman in Help the Aged who clearly thought I was old and tried to persuade me to buy a green jumper with a leprechaun on it.

But apart from that, nothing happened.

In other news, following last week's deadline, the BBC have announced that they've received "over 4,000" entries for their Last Laugh competition. With 40 people set to make the shortlist (five for each of the eight sitcoms), it means I'll need to be in the top 1% to progress. In addition, contestants who (like myself) chose to do Annie's People seem to be coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden. A total of nine have appeared on the BBC message board over the weekend. Although that's possibly only because I posted a message on Friday posing as Ian Pattison.

So the competition appears a little fierce. But it could have been worse. The BBC have also announced that they expect "over 10,000" applicants for the next series of The Apprentice. So forget comedy, there are more than twice as many people who want to meet Alan Sugar.