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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Lorraine's mother rang up last night, giving Lisa the perfect opportunity to spend half an hour slagging off Lorraine's cat-parenting skills. Oddly enough, Lorraine's Mum not only agreed with her, but seemed to hate Timmy even more than we do. So I'm finally beginning to understand why it's us doing the cat-sitting, and not Lorraine's parents, who, let's face it, only live five minutes down the road.

But personally I've warmed to Timmy. As I said to Lisa over breakfast this morning, "He just needs someone to love him". She responded with "So do I. But I don't poo everywhere", so I'm not sure she quite shared my compassion.

I'm slightly regretting that Lorraine doesn't have a videophone though, because at the precise moment that Lisa was upstairs telling Lorraine's Mum how difficult it is to keep Timmy off the furniture, the Timster himself was on the living room mantelpiece knocking off a china dog. His timing is impeccable.

But anyhoo, we've all agreed that his behaviour is entirely Lorraine's fault, and we're planning to phone social services when she gets back. So that's that sorted.

I've been busy the past two days doing dull stuff on the computer, but by way of a break I went for a little walk around Portslade village on Friday afternoon, where I came across a big sign which read 'Emmaus Secondhand Superstore'. Which is the kind of thing I get quite excited about. So I followed the sign...

... and found a jumble sale in a church. That's advertising for you.