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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Lorraine texted from Antigua early this morning to check how things are, and to say how much she's missing her babies. Which was very sweet. Sadly we couldn't respond immediately as we were busy panicking that Timmy hadn't been seen since yesterday evening, frantically searching the garden, and reassuring each other that if he'd been hit by a car, it wasn't our fault.

Unless it was my car, in which case we'd just leave before she gets back, and hope she doesn't say anything.

Fortunately, just as Lisa was realising that Lorraine would never speak to her again, Timmy, who'd never strayed more than five minutes from his food bowl before, came sauntering in the front door as though nothing had happened. It was a bit of a relief. Until he settled down to sleep on the kitchen hand-towel. At which point we wished he'd leave again.

But anyhoo, in other non-cat-related news, it appears I've been tagged by Carol. Which is quite exciting. It's the first time I've ever been tagged without a court order, and I'm not 100% sure what's involved, but it seems I have to answer some movie-related questions, and then pass the baton on to others. Who, being British, will immediately drop it and get disqualified.

But for what it's worth, here goes...

1. Total number of films you own on DVD/video.
Well I'm currently 140 miles away from my video collection, so I can't be sure, but it's about 600. I got rid of most of them six years ago.

2. The last film you bought.
'The Exorcist - Special Edition', £2 from a Brighton charity shop.

3. The last film you watched.
Why, that would be the all-singing, all-dancing, laugh-a-minute comedy masterpiece which is Tarnation.

4. Five films that you watch a lot.
Well sadly I don't have much time to watch my 600 films these days, due to being less mentally unbalanced and therefore busy inflicting my pointless thoughts on the worldwide web, but amongst my most worn video tapes are...

Kicking & Screaming
The Immortals
That's Adequate
Mystery Science Theater 3000

Or if you want me to be a bit more original than just naming the first five movies on my Philms page, then... um...

South Park: The Movie
Reservoir Dogs
Six Degrees of Separation
The Jerk

So there you go. Barry Norman eat your heart out.

As per the rules of the game, the five people I would now like to tag (at least until they've done some community service) are...

Jamie Oliver
Boris Johnson

(That last link is particularly scary).

I'll expect to see the answers on your blogs within 48 hours. I'm talking to you there, Boris.