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Monday, July 12, 2004

Hurrah for the incompetence of Tescos! I've just had my shopping delivered from Tesco Online (due to the fact that I have the audacity to live 11 miles from the nearest supermarket), and having unpacked all the bags, I find it includes three boxes of Tesco 'Finest' Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Ice Lollies which I didn't order and haven't paid for. Yum. So I'm not answering the door for the rest of the day in case they return and ask for them back.

Now let's see... I have three boxes of four ice lollies, and just four days before Lisa arrives for the weekend. So I need to eat three lollies per day. Right, I think I can manage that.

(I'm only thinking of your hips, Lisa).

In other news, I worked hard to clean both the kitchen and bathroom to enable me to have this afternoon free for a bit of writing. So naturally, being the world's biggest procrastinator (see fact 55 in my 101 Phil Phacts), I spent two hours tinkering with my blog heading instead. I've been through a number of changes (including swirly spirally things, bunny rabbits, and a rather fetching red and white barber's pole), before settling on the simple eye candy you see above. And I'm still not sure I'm happy with it. But this blog is nothing if not organic (and ozone friendly), so consider it a work in progress.