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Sunday, July 18, 2004

I realise I haven't posted anything all weekend, but I've been distracted by a poster I saw on Friday afternoon in the window of the Queen's Arms pub in Brighton, advertising a drag act called Betty Swollocks. It's been hard to concentrate on anything after that.
However, my lack of blogging is no longer a problem, because [fanfare please] I now have an able assistant along the lines of the lovely Debbie McGee (only lovelier) (in the right sort of light). Yes kids, there's a new blog in town. *shudder*
Contrary to public demand, Lisa has gone ahead and launched herself onto the world wide web. She claims to be pioneering the all-new "one post per month" blogging technique, but knowing her as I do, I think we'll be lucky to get away with less than a dozen posts an hour. Especially when she's at work.
So take a deep breath everyone, adopt the crash position, and click here.