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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

There was a job advert in last night's local paper for 'Theatre Recovery Staff'. I thought yes! I've found my perfect job! Granted, the Ipswich Wolsey may have put on a performance of 'Candida' last month, and they're currently showing 'Johnny Thunder & the Trousers of Destiny', but even so, I don't think it's all over for them. With professional help from someone like me, I'm sure they can recover. Perhaps with a summer season of my plays. Not to mention a wider range of interval ice creams.

So I was reaching for my CV, only to discover the job was at the Nuffield Hospital, and involved helping people get over surgery. But still, the ice cream point is still relevant I feel.

(Can I just say how hard it is to write a blog post when Trisha is doing a show entitled "My Sister's Really My Mum, But Who's My Real Dad?")

Anyhoo, I've received a postcard this morning from my Big Sis. I wasn't actually aware she'd gone anywhere, but that's nothing new. It's from 'Camelback Mountain' (no, me neither), and the helpful info on the back states "If you look close you can see the silhouette of the camel". Don't you just love American grammar - close instead of closely. Top marks.

So come on everyone, look close...

It's a camel apparently

Hmmm... it looks more like a dinosaur to me. Or possibly a baby blackbird which has fallen out of the nest, and is lying helpless on the garden path waiting to be trodden on. But I suppose that wouldn't fit on the front of the postcard.

Anyway, the card reads...

Phleeps & Lisa, [er... she hasn't actually moved in yet, Sis. And I really should stop answering to the name Phleeps]
Very hot, lots of rocks & desert & I like it lots.
Lots love,
Big Sis. xx

You wouldn't believe she's a 32 year old mathematician.