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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Phil's poser of the week:

1. Go here. It's a website entitled 'How to Make Roman Shades'. Yes, Roman Shades. No, I don't know what they are either. But not to worry. As the website says, "They Laughed When I Said I Would Make My Own Roman Shades - But When They Saw Them On My Windows..." Er, the quote seems to end there. I presume it's some kind of caption competition. But anyhoo, let's move on...

2. Go to the Roman Shades Resource Collection, here.

3. Click on 'Index #10".

4. Click on 'curtain kitchen mart wal' (the 8th one down).

5. Scroll down and look at the resources.

6. Tell me why I'm listed there.

I wouldn't mind, but a search on Google reveals 10,800 websites featuring those four words, and I'm nowhere to be seen, so why have the webmasters at 'Roman Shade Secrets You Need to' (I'm sorry, but I don't believe there are any Roman Shade secrets I personally need to know) (and I don't mean that I know them all already) (I mean that I don't particularly care) seen fit to list me as a top ten resource?

Answers on a postcard please. You could win a major prize. Or failing that, some Roman Shades.