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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Michael Moore, top lefty, best-selling author, documentary film-maker, and man behind the number one box-office smash 'Fahrenheit 9/11' (I'm giving him a good build up here) has started his own blog. Hurrah!

He began confidently on the 4th of July (that date rings a bell), continued with his second post just after midnight the following day, and... um... well that's about it. He hasn't actually managed a post since. You see, this daily blogging isn't as easy as you might think. He's probably got nothing to write about. You have to feel for these people with empty lives.

Anyhoo, no such problems for me - I'm off to Brighton for the afternoon. I'm not sure I've ever seen Brighton on a Wednesday, so it's quite exciting for me to have this kind of new experience when I'm still barely out of my twenties. I'll be returning with Lisa this evening. That's assuming she brings a gift-wrapped item of sufficient size with her. Otherwise she's not setting foot in my car.

While I'm here, may I just say thank you to my stalker-in-residence, who has managed to shake my faith in the security of the internet, and make me feel totally unsafe in my own home, by finding my address and sending me a birthday present. At least I assume it's a birthday present. It could be a dead rat. But either way I'll never know, as I felt obliged to have it blown up in a controlled explosion within minutes of dropping through my letterbox. I can't afford to take any chances.

Seriously though, thanks Weev! :o)

But if I find out you like Julie Reinger, I'm calling the police.