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Monday, July 12, 2004

I really should be in bed, but I was just idly clicking on my own links (which is how self absorbed I am), and I found myself paying a return visit to The Weblog Review. Whereupon I casually glanced at the "Reader's Top Five" list, and saw the words 'Mulled Whines' at the head of the charts. I'm a bit slow, so it took a moment before I realised where I'd heard that before, but then it was all clenched fists, struts around the living room, and cries of "Yessssss! I'm a hit!!!".

So I scrolled down to see exactly how many members of the general public had voted me in as the number one rated blog in the known universe. And the answer...?


I haven't experienced popularity like this since I wrote my Poddington Peas Quiz.

It turns out that only two people have voted for me, but by giving me an average rating of 4.125 they've managed to strike a blow for proportional representation and propel me into the number one spot, whilst simultaneously demonstrating why Paddy Ashdown never became Prime Minister.

Of course, the moment a third person comes along and gives me a rating of 1, I'll be catapulted straight off the list, and probably start appearing in some kind of Hall of Shame reserved for the world's most hated blogs.

But still, it's nice while it lasts.