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Monday, July 05, 2004

These Monday morning on-location reports from Brighton seafront are becoming a bit old hat. And I haven't even seen a celebrity (or Mike Read) to liven things up today. There do seem to be a remarkable number of slumbering drunks on the beach this morning though. It must be the warm weather which brings them out. Like midges. Only more lethargic.

Yesterday featured a meal out at "Samson's", a Brighton restaurant which Lisa hasn't been to for 17 years. So obviously she was just a small child when she last ate there (yeah right). We dubbed it our 'anniversary meal', on account of the fact that we've been an item for one month. Well, one month and eight days. But who's counting. Certainly not us, as we proved by beginning a conversation with the words "What was it, the 28th of May or the 29th?"

Personally I'm going with the 29th. It may have been Friday night when I picked up the phone, but it was Saturday morning before I heard those three little words, "Oh
alright then"
. And besides, I wasn't believing anything until I had the confirmation in writing later that day.

Anyhoo, we enjoyed a quality meal, enhanced by the helpful waiter, who arrived before each course to list all the items they were out of. Having been informed which desserts I couldn't have, I chose the toffee pudding, he took my order, went away, came back, and told me that was off too. Still they eventually managed to find enough scraps in the kitchen to cobble together a meal, and we both ate. Me significantly more than Lisa.

Interestingly, there was a report in the paper the other day which said that hippos could once be found in East Anglia, but had died out thousands of years ago. Well rewrite the headlines, I return home tonight.