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Friday, April 08, 2005

Blimey, it took me eight hours to publish that last post. The Blogger site appeared to go offline the moment I started making light of the Pope's funeral. It must be divine retribution.

But undeterred, I'm back with the second biggest betting event of the year (after the multi-million pound Pope Stakes) - The Grand National. I did pretty well last year, so buoyed by that success, I'm moving on from £2 bets to £3 bets this time around. Plus a bit on the place market. I also spent far longer this year doing my research. So we're set up nicely for all my runners to fall at the first.

But for what it's worth, I've backed...

Innox Innox at 22-1

Nil Desperandum Nil Desperandum at 29-1

Heros Collonge Heros Collonge at 84-1

Foly Pleasant Foly Pleasant at... wait for it... 94-1

I couldn't quite get the 100-1 I wanted on Foly Pleasant. But nil desperandum. Oh sorry, wrong horse.

I've also put a few quid on Clan Royal to go off favourite. I'm banking on all those wedding guests coming out of the town hall at 3pm and getting their wallets out.