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Monday, April 25, 2005

A week and a half before polling day, and I've now received leaflets from all three of the main political parties. Which serves me right for having a letterbox. Labour and the Lib Dems have managed to dodge the main issue of this election by refusing to even attempt to spell the word 'peninsula', so sadly it means I'll have to find another issue to help me decide who to vote for.

So let's look at the differences between the three candidates.

There's Tim Yeo of the Conservative party...

Vote Conservative!

Kathy Pollard for the Lib Dems...

Vote Liberal Democrat!

And Kevin Craig for Labour...

Vote Labour!

So that's it then - the first candidate who knocks on my door and DOESN'T claim that they single-handedly saved Walnuttree Hospital gets my vote. I'd never even heard of Walnuttree Hospital three days ago. I barely know where Sudbury is. But I'm already irritated that Walnuttree is all one word. Frankly I'd close it down until they agree to a hyphen.

And I'll be putting that point to the next person who knocks on my door. It's about time we had some answers.