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Sunday, April 10, 2005

I am STUNNED. I was sitting here just now, rewriting the screenplay of Internet Cafe for an American film competition (that's not the stunning bit. Although it is quite surprising that I'm bothering), and an advert came on TV (ITV1 at 6pm, to be precise) for the Big Yellow Self Storage company.

I've not seen an ad for them before, but the one thing I know about the company is that when Graham Coutts murdered the teacher Jane Longhurst in Hove two years ago, he kept her body at the Big Yellow Self Storage unit in Coomb Road, Brighton. Where he then visited her corpse seven times over the next three weeks in order to fulfil his necrophilic fantasies.

Marvellous. So what does this light-hearted new TV ad entail..? Well, it features a nice young couple who arrive at their local branch of Big Yellow to deposit some belongings. The husband then begins to get annoying, we see him standing inside a storage bin, then the camera cuts to a shot of the woman driving off alone, while the voiceover tells us there's room to store anything there.

My jaw nearly hit the floor.

According to the company website, their director of sales & marketing is called Stephen Homer. Which seems quite appropriate. He should be saying "D'oh!" right about now.