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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Missing you already
Missing you already

Of all the times to go and have a shower. I've missed Miss Peninsular herself!!! I don't believe it. I could have asked her what's happened to Internet Cafe.

But on the bright side, I've got the woman's phone number. Though obviously I wouldn't advise everyone reading this blog to call her up at home and ask her to spell peninsula and Walnuttree. That would be irresponsible.

Although she does say ANY issue you'd like to discuss...

But never mind, I'm sure she'll come back. And next time I will answer the door in a towel.

Anyhoo, the big news of the day (well, yesterday) is that I've finished my ten minute sitcom script for the BBC.

Actually that's not true, the BIG news of the day is that Ben Harris, the macho builder currently winning over the ladies on Channel 4's Playing It Straight on Friday nights, was Mr Gay UK 1998. Which is particularly annoying as five days ago Lisa offered to bet me £50,000 that he's straight.

But back to the slightly less big news of the day. The sitcom's finished. Hurrah! And having been told to aim for 2,300 words, the finished script came in at 2,483 words. So I spent yesterday afternoon editing it. And it's now down to 2,479.

Lisa's running an eye over it for me today (not that she's allowed to suggest any changes) (well not if she knows what's good for her), and I plan on submitting it tomorrow. So all I need to do now is lose some weight before the TV crew arrive to film me for the winners programme (or the Pizza Hut commerical I get for being the saddest loser). The camera adds two stone y'know. At least that's what I'll be claiming after the show airs.