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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

On Friday night a film called 'A Lot Like Love' (there's alliteration for you) opened across America.

It's a fluffy romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher, Amanda Peet, and numerous other people I've never heard of and don't care about.

I haven't seen the film, and probably never will. But this is what it's done for a particular page on my website...

Suddenly you're mine...

I've gone from three hits a day at the beginning of the month, to 138 on Sunday.

And why? Because I happen to have a transcription of the Aqualung song 'Brighter Than Sunshine', which (I've just found out) is on the soundtrack of 'A Lot Like Love'. So all across America this weekend, people have seen the film, heard the song, and arrived at my site looking for the lyrics.

I wouldn't mind, but none of them ever actually stay and read my writing. I might have to stick a play at the bottom of the page to make the most of the traffic.

Actually, if any American music fans have made it as far as this blog, can I just mention that Lisa has (in the past) (and she probably regrets it) (but even so) described my version of 'Brighter Than Sunshine' as "better than the original", (even her mother managed to sit through it without falling asleep), and I am available for live dates. So e-mail me if you can't get Matt Hales. Strictly cash in hand though.

While I'm here, I must just draw everyone's attention to today's quality edition of Richard & Judy on Channel 4 at 5pm. It's rumoured to feature a short film on the life of King Nicholas, top Norfolk based tie salesman, static home dweller, and occasional blog commenter.

I've heard the film crew were a constant delight to work with, so I'm sure the resulting feature will be well worth watching, and is bound to elicit some classic words of wisdom from the human quote-machine that is Richard Madeley. I'm setting the video as we speak...