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Friday, April 15, 2005

Today's quite a momentous day (and not just because of the number of comments on my last post). Just six months after being cruelly rejected by the SCDA, who wouldn't know a good bit of drama if you baked it into a haggis for them, my play Ledgers finally makes its long-awaited North American debut tonight when it opens off Broadway.

Quite a long way off Broadway.

Illinois to be exact.

But hey, who needs the theatres of downtown New York when you've got a school hall just outside Chicago (the city, not the musical). It's being performed by a group of high school students who were attracted to the play's interlocking central themes of suicide and chocolate biscuits. I agreed to let them stage it for free on condition that there's a hundred foot banner with my name on it draped across the front of the school.

Funnily enough, they seem to have agreed to that.

As the play's 15 year old director said to me via e-mail on Monday, "Everyone is very excited for the performance on Friday! I promise there will be a banner. And fake cigarettes. We're very excited about the latter."

I see it as my way of getting a whole new generation hooked on smoking. And I'm sure the bad language will go down well with the parents in the audience.

Let's face it, I'm never going to work in the US again.

But nil desperandum. I'm off to Brighton for the afternoon. Back later...