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Friday, April 08, 2005

It's always good to write a light-hearted blog post whilst watching a major funeral on TV.

So far, it's been 45 of the dullest minutes of television you're ever likely to see, but it was brightened up momentarily by the BBC reporter who stood in the streets of Rome with a solemn expression on his face, and described Pope John Paul II's deep connection to the place with the words...

"He lived here. He was shot here."

Ah yes, I always feel a deep connection to the places where people have tried to kill me. That's why I love Lisa's kitchen.

Anyhoo, amidst the death and Latin, this morning's post has brought with it a bit of excitement...

Neil who?

Yes, mine and Lisa's One-Year-Anniversary-Celebration tickets have arrived. We're going to see Neil Diamond in the magnificent and awe-inspiring setting of Ipswich Town Football Club. I paid for the tickets at the end of October, so it's nice to see that they've managed to get them out to me within six months. You may notice that I've blanked out the price. That's because Lisa doesn't know how much they cost, and she might faint when she finds out the amount of interest I could've earned if I'd kept the cash in the bank instead.

They were worth waiting for though. As you can see, they feature a picture of Neil himself (looking like a televangelist doing an exorcism), presumeably for people like me who don't know what he looks like. Personally I only agreed to go because I thought he did 'Hi Ho Silver'. But it means I'll be able to check my ticket and clap when the right person comes on stage. It saves me cheering wildly for the roadie.

So that's our first anniversary sorted. Unless we break up in the next six weeks, in which case they'll be going straight on Ebay.