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Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm off down to Brighton today. I'm going partly to see Lisa (it's our 11 month anniversary today), partly to do some cat-sitting for her friend Lorraine, but mainly to avoid having to help Crash n Donna move house.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, Lisa and I will be seeing each other every day in May. It's like a telethon - it goes on forever, you just wish it would end, and there are frequent demands for money it's great fun and does a lot of good. And it features an appearance by Duran Duran cynically trying to plug their new single. But that's not til the 28th...

Wild Boys

In other news, I've entered a ten minute extract of 'Be Worth It' into Theatre & Beyond's 2005 'Playwrights Slam', which sounds more violent than it probably is. The winners get performed at the Chichester Festival, whose website are already trying to sell tickets for the event. Presumeably because they know that if I win they'll have to reduce the price.

Personally I'm more interested in the play at the top of the page - 'Gaby Goes Global', described as "a comedy about a Brighton Department for Work and Pensions Claimant Advisor". Well they do say you should write about what you know.