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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Well the sitcom's been submitted to the BBC, so from now on if anyone comes up with any devastatingly witty lines about penguins, you can keep them to yourself. Lisa's officially given it the thumbs up, so either she likes it, or she's too polite to tell me what she really thinks. Personally I'm going for the latter.

But I'm becoming slightly mystified by the response to Annie's People (the script I chose to complete). Someone turned up on the BBC Last Laugh message board yesterday (and no, it wasn't me - I have far better things to do. Have you seen the new series of People's Court with Carol Smillie?) and announced that they'd finished AP. A statement which produced comments such as...

"You're a brave, brave person doing Annie's People! I think that was the hardest script to pick up and add an ending to."

"Maybe they'll pro rata the grades according to difficulty of script and you'll emerge the outright winner on difficulty alone."

"I take my hat off to you - I found it difficult to read to the end of AP."

Eh? Admittedly I haven't read any of the other scripts, but I'm beginning to wonder if they all gave you a list of punchlines to choose from.

But anyhoo, far more exciting is that I've received my election ballot papers in the post today (I opted for a postal vote as I'm due to be in Brighton on polling day, and I'm not driving all the way back just to vote for someone who can't spell peninsula).

Interestingly, they print the home address of each candidate on the ballot paper, so I've been checking a few maps...

Tim Yeo, the Tory candidate, lives in White Horse Road, East Bergholt - 13 miles away.

Kathy Pollard, the Lib Dem, lives in The Street (though hopefully not literally in the street), Capel St Mary - 14 miles away.

James Carver of UKIP lives in Mill Street, Nayland - 23 miles away.

And Kevin Craig of Labour lives in Chelsom Road, London - um... 85 miles away.

London??? How did he manage to save Walnuttree Hospital from there??? No wonder he hasn't knocked on my door, he probably can't afford the train fare.

So I'm discounting Kev on grounds of distance, and Tim on grounds of spelling. UKIP have so far put nothing through my door, so I have to rule them out on grounds of apathy. If Jim can't even be bothered to claim that he saved Walnuttree Hospital, or have a stab at the word peninsula, he's not getting my vote.

Which only leaves Kath. I wonder if she's related to Vicky..?